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11 Feb 2017

New compact engine architectures such as pressure gain combustion require ad-hoc turbomachinery to ensure an adequate range of operation with high performance. A critical factor for supersonic turbines is to ensure the starting of the flow passages, which limits the flow turning and airfoil thickness. Radial outflow turbines inherently increase the cross section along the flow path, which holds great potential for high turning of supersonic flow with a low stage number and guarantees a […]

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The supersonic outlet conditions from a rotating detonation combustor exhibit fluctuations in temperature and pressure that exceed 200% of their mean level. Such unsteady conditions will induce a large convective heat loading onto a downstream supersonic turbine. Hence, the precise evaluation of the thermal load to the vane and rotor is essential to the design of adequate cooling strategies. In this paper, a numerical framework is proposed to compute the convective heat transfer on two […]

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Tip leakage loss characterization and modeling plays an important role in small size radial turbine research. The momentum of the flow passing through the tip gap is highly related with the tip leakage losses. The ratio of fluid momentum driven by the pressure gradient between suction side and pressure side and the fluid momentum caused by the shroud friction has been widely used to analyze and to compare different sized tip clearances. However, the commonly […]

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One dimensional modeling can give important insights into the needs of engine and turbocharger design. In this paper a holistic turbocharger model that calculates besides transient effects also heat transfer, friction losses, extrapolated adiabatic turbine and compressor maps has been validated over the range of an entire diesel engine map. Due to its capability of calculating heat fluxes in very different conditions turbocharger maps measured in hot as well as maps measured in cold conditions […]

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In urban driving the turbocharger turbine faces high changes due to frequent acceleration and deceleration so that extremely low mass flow can occur. However, the flow behavior in turbocharger turbines at these extreme off-design conditions is rather unknown. So the development of physically-based models for extrapolating the usually narrow experimental turbine maps and advanced measurements to increase the range of turbine maps has been in the focus of many researchers. To provide valuable information about […]

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